The Atlas

The Atlas is Titan Robotics’ flagship 3-axis industrial 3D printer. The standard build space begins at 30″X x 30″Y x 45″Z, with larger standard models available. Like all of our machines, these dimensions are customizable to meet the needs of our clients. The Atlas is available as an open air machine or with a custom heated enclosure to allow for printing in high temperature plastics such as ABS and PC+PBT. The Atlas is designed with premium quality electronics and precision components on all axes for maximum speed, accuracy, and reliability.

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Basic Specifications

Printer Type FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Standard Build Space 30 x 30 x 45 inches (762 mm x 762 mm x 1143 mm)
Atlas 2.0 Build Space 36 x 36 x 48 inches (915 mm x 915 mm x 1220 mm)
Atlas 2.5 Build Space 42 x 42 x 48 inches (1066 mm x 1066 mm x 1220 mm)
Table Design Moving, machined aluminum build plate
Frame Precision machined steel frame (flat tolerance .005”)

16mm lead ground recirculating ball screws

Size 15mm profiled linear rails and pre-loaded runner blocks

Controller 8GB Smoothieboard 4X or 5X with Reprap Discount Graphic LCD
Software Simplify 3D (Software settings included)
Servo Speed Rapid travel up to 1,500 mm/second (Highly recommended)
Heated Bed

110V at 18amps or 220V at 9amps

175°C standard max

Vacuum plenum (optional)

Auto bed level system

Bed Surface Polycarbonate or Borosilicate Glass

Most FFF style materials – open source

ABS, PC+PBT, HIPS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, TPE Ninja Flex, and more

3mm diameter or 1.75mm diameter filaments

Extruder Options

Bulldog XL

E3D Volcano or E3D V6 hot end

Dual or single head

Max temperature 380°C

Nozzle Diameter Swappable, ranging from 0.4mm – 1.2mm
Cables IGUS Cableflex and cable guides rate for minimum 2,000,000 cycles
Power Input

Option 1: 110V 30 amp – open air machine

Option 2: single phase 220V 50amp – enclosure and/or servo option

Ambient Operating Temperature

Enclosure standard temperature -85°C

Overall Footprint

60 x 65 x 60 inches 350 lbs – without enclosure

96 x 70 x 96 inches 1,500 lbs – with enclosure

Approximately 6 x 8 x 8 feet


Each machine can be adapted and custom made according to the customer’s specifications. If this machine does not meet your exact specifications, please contact us so we can better assist you.