Titan Robotics 3D Printed Drone

As a side project, I have been building a 3D printed drone with frame parts I printed with The Atlas 3D Printer. It is powered using a Tau Labs/Dragon Circuits Sparky flight controller. If you have questions about the project, I will try to answer them in the comments.

3D Printed Drone Pictures

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Titan Robotics Atlas nearing completion

The Atlas is nearing completion! Electronics are running, machine is welded, machined, and painted. This machine will have a build space of 30″ x 30″ x 45″z with a dual extruder equipped with a 1.5 mm nozzle. Accuracy and repeatibility will be +-.001″ thanks to industrial quality profiled rails, weldment frame, and true industrial quality recirculating bearing ballscrews. Did I mention reliable print speeds at 192mm/s?Continue Reading..


Mining Machine Prototype

This is a mining machine prototype. Some relatively large objects printed at .7mm nozzle diameter. Reduced print time from 62 hours at .5mm to 12 hours.

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Look mom, Im on TV!

Look, it’s Titan on TV!¬†Titan Robotics has been featured on Colorado Springs Channel KOAA 5 to promote the e-Nable project.

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Here is the link to the story!