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Our mission is to provide complete production Additive Manufacturing Solutions and break down barriers to the adoption of Additive Manufacturing.

Pellet Extrusion
Additive Manufacturing Implementation

Titan Robotics is your Additive Manufacturing solutions provider, helping you implement AM into your production process. From design for AM to material integration and production machines, Titan is your partner from concept to implementation.

Hytrel(R) pellets
Low Cost 3D Printing Feedstock

Titan Robotics’ 3D printers are compatible with open market materials with both filament and pellet feedstock. With Titan’s Pellet Extrusion System on the Atlas, low cost raw resin pellets can be utilized, which means savings up to 10X on material cost over traditional filament.

Atlas 2.5 enclosure
Production Additive Manufacturing Machines

Titan Robotics manufactures purpose-built Additive Manufacturing machines. Titan’s flagship large-format 3D printer, the Atlas, utilizes industrial motion control with Yaskawa CNC controllers and servo drives on all axes. Increased speed and reliability make all of Titan’s 3D printers ready for the factory floor.

Manufacturing On Demand

With 3D printing experts and a line of Atlas 3D printers in-house, Titan Robotics is fully equipped to manufacture your custom parts. With dozens of unique and standard materials integrated with Titan’s Atlas Pellet Extrusion and Filament Extrusion 3D printers, Titan’s experts are ready to help make your Additive Manufacturing application a reality.

2018 Colorado Company to Watch

CCTW Winner

Titan Robotics, Ltd. is proud to be named a Colorado Company to Watch as one of the fastest growing Colorado companies in 2018. Colorado Companies to Watch honors high-performing and innovative second stage companies from across the state.

“These companies contribute significantly to the growth and economic independence of the state by developing new services and products, creating jobs, enriching communities and generating new industries.” – Rick Ninneman, Colorado Companies to Watch Board Chairman.


The Atlas is Titan Robotics’ flagship large-format industrial 3D printer.

All Servo and CNC controlled with real time feedback.

Build Sizes

Atlas 1.030″x30″x45″

Atlas 2.036″x36″x48″

Atlas 2.542″x42″x48″

Custom Atlas:          Purpose-built systems available


Pellet Extrusion:   Direct Pellet Fed Extrusion

Mastiff:               High Flow Filament Extrusion

Hybrid:             Pellet Extrusion + Filament Extrusion on same gantry


Flexible:           TPE/TPU

Standard:          PLA/ABS/PC

High Performance:   Glass or Carbon Fiber Filled 20-50%  ABS/PC/PA/PPO/PEI/PPSU/PEEK/PEKK





Titan Robotics also provides manufacturing on demand

Rapid Prototyping  |  Additive Manufacturing Implementation  |  Material Integration  |  Production Parts

Contact Titan Robotics to learn more about our 3D Printing, Testing  and Consultation Services


  • Anything is possible. Just because you can’t do something in the traditional manner doesn’t mean you can’t do it at all. Just taking yourself and thinking outside the box and creating a team around you — that’s what Allison and Titan Robotics were able to produce. You can’t do it alone.

    Billy Lister – Paralympic Cyclist, Team USA

  • It’s really exciting to see how traditional FDM printing is migrating from the desktop market to large-scale, professional applications. I was certainly impressed by the ingenuity of Titan Robotics’ new 3D printer and pellet extrusion technology.

    Michael A. Parker,

  • I think this is a sign that we’re seeing the industry rise to the next stage in its development… We’re seeing companies like Titan enter the top tier of the business.

    Kevin Barker, Director of Sales for Yaskawa’s Motion Division

  • Titan Robotics was exceptional in customer service and turn around time. He understood exactly what I wanted. They provided for me what other companies could not and at an affordable price.

    Bruce – Owner, Hammond Brother Motorsports

  • Our new Titan Robotics 3D printer has been a great asset to us since the day we got it. Not only does it print at a good clip, but the resolution is great and the build box allows for much larger prints in one-piece form. Their product support has been exceptional and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a dependable 3D printer.

    Michael Triebold – Founder, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

  • Titan Robotics has brought a lot of benefits to our company. The ability to print large format parts is a game-changing feature of our business. While there are many large format printers on the market, with more each day, I would challenge many of them to bring the same quality and service to the table that Clay and Titan Robotics does. This printer will be a competitor in this space for years to come.

    Justin Finesilver – Director of Operations, The 3D Printing Store

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